ASEN 4010    Introduction to Space Dynamics

Guidelines for preparation of out-of-class assignments

In preparing your assignment, please adhere to the following guidelines, as applicable to the particular question or assignment.

1. Make sure you understand the question. It will be helfpul if you try to provide a very brief restatement of the question.
2. If the assignment requires plots, provide a brief narrative describing the contents of each plot. If you do this correctly, figure captions are not required.

3. Provide a brief interpretation of any features, trends, etc. evident in the plots.

4. As appropriate, note any numerical methods, algorithms, etc. that you have utilized.

5. If you have used any references, list them in proper bibliographical form.

6. At the end, provide a brief description of what you have learned from completing the assignment.

7. Take professional pride in the quality of your write-up.

8. Keep everything as brief as possible.