Jupiter Book Plates

Below are (small) .jpg and (large) .eps files of the 16 color plates in the Jupiter book. See the book for figure captions.

Plate 1. top: Interior cartoon - bottom: Rings cartoon .jpg .eps

Plate 2. Jupiter - Left/bottom: Voyager - Right/top: Cassini .jpg .eps

Plate 3. Lightning storms .jpg .eps

Plate 4. Jupiter at 6 wavebands .jpg .eps

Plate 5. Great Red Spot .jpg .eps

Plate 6. Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts .jpg .eps

Plate 7. Io global .jpg .eps

Plate 8. Io composite I .jpg .eps

Plate 9. Io composite II .jpg .eps

Plate10. top: Europa global images - bottom: Europa NIMS map .jpg .eps

Plate11. top: Europa PPR map - bottom: Europa chaos .jpg .eps

Plate12. top left: Europa composition map - top right: Europa NIMS composition - bottom: Ganymede topography .jpg .eps

Plate13. Callisto geological map .jpg .eps

Plate14. Jovian aurora .jpg .eps

Plate15. Left/top: Radiation belts VLA - Right/bottom: Radiation belts Cassini .jpg .eps

Plate16. Left/top: Jupiter map - Right/bottom: Io map .jpg .eps