Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere

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Edited by Fran Bagenal, Timothy Dowling, William McKinnon

Cambridge University Press 2004

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Supplemental images of Jupiter's atmosphere

International Jupiter Watch

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Chapter page numbers

16 Color Plates

Chapter 1 Introduction

Part I - The Planet

Chapter 2 The Origin of Jupiter (no figures)

Chapter 3 The Interior of Jupiter

Chapter 4 The Composition of the Atmosphere of Jupiter

Chapter 5 Jovian Clouds and Hazes

Chapter 6 Atmospheric Dynamics

Chapter 7 The Stratosphere of Jupiter

Chapter 8 Lessons from Shoemaker-Levy 9 About Jupiter and Planetary Impacts

Chapter 9 Jupiter's Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Part II - Dust and Small Satellites

Chapter 10 Jovian Dust: Streams, Clouds and Rings

Chapter 11 Rings and Inner Small Satellites

Chapter 12 Jupiter's Outer Satellites and Trojans

Part III - Galilean Satellites

Chapter 13 Interior Composition, Structure and Dynamics of the Satellites

Chapter 14 Lithosphere and Surface of Io

Chapter 15 Geology of Europa

Chapter 16 Geology of Ganymede

Chapter 17 Callisto

Chapter 18 Ages and Interiors: The Cratering Record of the Galilean Satellites

Chapter 19 Satellite Atmospheres

Chapter 20 Sputtering, Radiolysis and Photolysis on the Surfaces of the Galilean Satellites

Part IV - Magnetosphere

Chapter 21 * Magnetospheric Interactions with Satellites

Chapter 22 Plasma Interaction of Io with its Plasma Torus

Chapter 23 The Io Neutral Clouds and Plasma Torus

Chapter 24 The Configuration of Jupiter's Magnetosphere

Chapter 25 Dynamics of the Jovian Magnetosphere

Chapter 26 Jupiter's Aurora

Chapter 27 Radiation Belts


Appendix 1

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Bibliography - to be provided in the future

Photos from the Jupiter meeting in Boulder, June 2001

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