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3rd Alfvén Conference
Alfvén Waves in Space Plasmas

23 - 27 August 2004, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Conference Focus

The Alfvén wave, first discovered by Hannes Alfvén, is one of three principal modes that govern the lowest-order dynamics of many space, astrophysical, and laboratory plasmas. Alfvén waves are known to energize ions, transport energy and momentum, and interact with other wave modes. The shear Alfvén wave with small perpendicular scales is also capable of electron acceleration, and recent work has shown that this acceleration process is active in the generation of the Earth's aurora.

The purpose of the 3rd Alfvén Conference is to explore and discuss recent advances of the roles of the Alfvén wave from the micro-physical to the global perspectives in vastly different regimes where Alfvénic structure is commonly observed such as the aurorae of the Earth and other planets, magnetospheres, the solar wind, and the laboratory environment.

Program Topics

  • Alfvén Wave Generation
  • Magnetospheric (global) Alfvén Waves (including field-line resonances, the Alfvén resonator)
  • The Role of Alfvén Waves in Particle Acceleration (including auroral acceleration)
  • Energy and Momentum Transport due to Alfvén Waves
  • Alfvén Waves in the Solar Wind, the Sun, Planetary Magnetospheres,
    and Laboratory Experiments (relevant to space)


  • Alfvén Wave Generation:
    Session chaired by W. Lotko and J. Samson
  • Large-Scale Transport and Boundary Interactions:
    Session chaired by G. Haerendel
  • Alfvén Wave Dissipation and Nonlinear Processes:
    Session chaired by C. Kletzing and W. Lysak

Final Program and Submitted Abstracts

Program Committee: R. E. Ergun (chair), M. André, C. C. Chaston, C.-G. Fälthammar, G. Haerendel, W. Lotko, G. Marklund, A. Vaivads, J. Vogt, and M. Yamauchi

Local Organizer: Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado.
Chair: Laila Andersson

This document last updated on 10 September 2004