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LASP designated first Center of Excellence for Capacity Building in CubeSat Technologies

May 16, 2024

LASP’s Tom Woods awarded NASA Outstanding Public Leadership Medal

May 8, 2024

LASP welcomes NASA Heliophysics leadership

April 29, 2024

9 ways LASP is a leader in Earth and climate science

April 22, 2024

LASP participates in Citizen CATE 2024 to observe sun’s corona during eclipse

April 5, 2024

NASA’s Juno mission reveals less oxygen on Europa

April 2, 2024

Front Range team wins NASA Entrepreneurs Challenge with innovative idea for lunar “service station”

April 1, 2024

LASP welcomes the Chancellor’s Parent Society Leadership Board

March 12, 2024

Empty Space: A LASP Artist in Residence Exhibition opens at the Boulder Public Library

February 15, 2024

LASP welcomes University of Colorado Board of Regents

February 15, 2024

Teaching creative thinking in science through art: LASP artists-in-residence program hosts local elementary students

January 31, 2024

Get to Know a LASPian: Kristin Gutierrez

January 22, 2024

LASP’s Top Articles of 2023

December 22, 2023

LASP-convened session on the past, present, and future of sounding rockets to be held at AGU23

December 7, 2023

Probing the atmospheres of “hot Jupiters”

December 7, 2023

LASP at AGU 2023

December 5, 2023

A unique celebration of LASP’s 75th anniversary

October 13, 2023

Looking back at 75: Honoring LASP’s contributions to historic missions

October 11, 2023

2023 awardees chosen for the Charles A. Barth Scholarship for undergraduate space research

October 9, 2023

LASP selects artists for new art-meets-science program

October 4, 2023

LASP welcomes planetary scientist and MAVEN Principal Investigator Shannon Curry

September 19, 2023

LASP announces new director of mission operations and data systems

August 30, 2023

2023 Boulder Solar Alliance students shine

August 7, 2023

Briana Indahl awarded prestigious, early career NASA fellowship

August 4, 2023

Meet this summer’s Boulder Solar Alliance REU Cohort!

July 6, 2023

Get to Know a LASPian: Robyn Wing

June 22, 2023

LASP launches new Artist in Residence program

June 5, 2023

LASP’s Laila Andersson named to prominent National Academies committee

May 3, 2023

Get to Know a LASPian: Jenny Knuth

May 2, 2023

New Emirates Mars Mission observations hint at the origins of Mars’ mysterious moon

April 25, 2023

CU Boulder, LASP welcome NASA leaders to campus

April 20, 2023

CU to showcase 75 years of innovation and impact at the 38th Space Symposium

April 17, 2023

Get to Know a LASPian: Brian Evans

April 5, 2023

Model employee: Phil Evans’ lasting legacy

April 4, 2023

LASP: 75 years of innovation in space science

April 3, 2023

Do Earth-like exoplanets have magnetic fields? Far-off radio signal is promising sign

April 3, 2023

TSIS-1: Five years of solar science and counting

March 24, 2023

LASP hosts CU President Todd Saliman and other university leaders

March 8, 2023

Solar and space scientists tapped to guide heliophysics into the next decade

February 27, 2023

CU Boulder leads in NASA astrophysics technology grants to universities

January 30, 2023

LASP’s Top 12 articles of 2022!

December 20, 2022

LASP scientists to present Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai research at AGU

December 9, 2022

LASP at AGU 2022

December 5, 2022

CTIM: testing future technology to extend one of the “most important” Earth science measurements

December 2, 2022

LASP names Dr. Pamela Millar its first deputy director for strategic development and communications

November 29, 2022

LASP’s Peter Pilewskie named to prominent National Academies committee for space-based research

November 9, 2022

LASP announces new graduate student fellowships honoring its first director

October 31, 2022

2022 awardees chosen for the Charles A. Barth Scholarship for undergraduate space research

September 15, 2022

Investigating monsoon-climate connections

August 29, 2022

The stellar students of the 2022 Boulder Solar Alliance REU program

July 25, 2022

NASA robotic mission to explore the Moon’s mysterious Gruithuisen Domes

July 6, 2022

Frank Eparvier named new LASP lead scientist

July 6, 2022

LASP planetary scientist and diversity advocate Fran Bagenal inducted into the National Academy of Sciences

May 17, 2022

LASP-led mission to continue crucial climate record passes major milestone

May 12, 2022

CU Boulder receives NASA grant to develop new technology to monitor space weather effects

May 9, 2022

LASP helps host members of U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

May 4, 2022

LASP instrument selected for the next NASA ‘Living With a Star’ mission

April 27, 2022

10 ways LASP is a leader in Earth and climate science

April 22, 2022

LASP’s Hybrid Solar Reference Spectrum named new international standard for climate research

April 20, 2022

CU’s LASP to lead operations for new NASA mission to ‘find asteroids before they find us’

April 11, 2022

A leader in aerospace: CU innovation to be highlighted at the 37th Space Symposium

April 4, 2022

‘Go for launch’—the next GOES satellite to include instrument built at CU Boulder

February 25, 2022

NASA’s IXPE Sends First Science Image

February 14, 2022

LASP and NSO researcher Adam Kowalski awarded early career 2022 Karen Harvey Prize

February 2, 2022

LASP scientists investigate life in volcanic habitats for clues to habitability on Mars

January 28, 2022

LASP researcher and Atmospheric Sciences professor Brian Toon elected AAAS Fellow

January 26, 2022

LASP students gain hands-on experience operating the IXPE mission

January 25, 2022

NASA awards $14 million to CU-LASP for two new CubeSat missions

December 14, 2021

Mysterious STEVE light emissions emanate from Earth’s magnetosphere

December 12, 2021

Scientists envision what Mars would look like as an exoplanet

December 12, 2021

Mapping the three-dimensional paths of electromagnetic waves from outer space to the ground

December 8, 2021

NASA to fund LASP’s new OWLS instrument

December 7, 2021

LASP students, staff are ready to operate NASA’s new IXPE mission to study black holes

December 6, 2021

Celebrating CU’s Bruce Jakosky and his dedication to the MAVEN mission to Mars

December 2, 2021

LASP-led research shows how hypervelocity dust impacts can affect a spacecraft and its operations

November 8, 2021

NASA selects UC Berkeley – Compton Spectrometer and Imager for next Explorers Program mission

October 18, 2021

LASP: ‘Boldly going’ where no space science research institute has gone before

October 13, 2021

United Arab Emirates and LASP announce new mission to explore the asteroid belt

October 6, 2021

LASP researcher and Aerospace Engineering professor Xinlin Li elected a 2021 AGU Fellow

September 30, 2021

CUTE, LASP’s latest cereal box-sized spacecraft, to study ‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets

September 23, 2021

LASP researchers led by undergraduate discover river of dust around the sun from Parker Solar Probe

September 9, 2021

NASA’s MAVEN mission begins a new chapter with a new leader

September 9, 2021

LASP rocket flight to sharpen NASA’s study of the Sun

September 7, 2021

LASP and CU showcase expertise at the 36th Space Symposium

August 27, 2021

LASP researcher Scott Piggott named AIAA Professional Engineer of the Year

August 17, 2021

Dust storms on Mars play a huge role in drying out the planet

August 16, 2021

Branson vs. Bezos: who wins the race depends on your definition of outer space

July 19, 2021

Hope Probe captures new images of Mars with the Emirates Ultraviolet Spectrometer

March 9, 2021

Decades of Mars research by CU faculty and students lays the groundwork for human astronauts

March 5, 2021

Hope Probe returns its first image of Mars capturing Olympus Mons at Sunrise

February 14, 2021

Emirates Mars Mission to Arrive at Mars on Feb. 9th in partnership with LASP at CU Boulder

February 4, 2021

LASP researcher reveals new clues on what makes the Sun’s atmosphere so hot

December 7, 2020

LASP scientists find hidden pockets of water ice on the moon

November 20, 2020

LASP scientist determine that volcanic ash may have a bigger impact on the climate than we thought

September 14, 2020

CU on the Air Podcast: LASP Director Dan Baker talks with CU president Mark Kennedy about the Hope Mars Mission and the future of Space Research at CU

September 14, 2020

LASP researchers develop method to clean lunar dust from surfaces

September 2, 2020

MAVEN: A new look at Mars’ ultraviolet nighttime glow

August 6, 2020

LASP Researchers take the ultimate Earth selfie

August 6, 2020

Emirates Mars Mission launched July 19th in partnership with LASP at CU Boulder

July 14, 2020

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