About CUSP

CUSP began as small, individual pockets of curiosity, ambition, drive, and tenacity. Sustained as a sounding rocket group for several years, the tools we inherited from past missions were utilized for individual needs and modified to be flexible for a wider breadth of application. The advance of UV technologies we pushed for in our work has forged connections and collaboration with scientists and technologists across the nation, imbuing the broad astrophysical community with excitement at the increasing accessibility of UV science. Galvanized by the community’s needs for a central hub specializing in all things UV, we have the expertise, the experience, the facilities, and the innovative attitude to put us on the CUSP of UV astrophysics and technology.


CUSP aims to develop new instruments and technologies to enable scientific advances in ultraviolet astronomy and to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, by employing undergraduate students, graduate students, and early career professionals in all stages of research.

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