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The emission line analysis code developed to analyze the ULLYSES data set takes the STScI high-level processed data from the *cspec.fits files and extracts the desired wavelength ranges. The code uses the wavelength index location to store the corresponding flux and error values into their own arrays, which are publicly available here. We present the target species and extracted wavelength sub-regions in the Master Table and on the Stellar Line Profile page (both linked below).  For hot gas doublet lines, e.g. C IV, N V and Si IV, the lines are extracted separately into the blue and red doublet components.

Data Table

Master Data Table

Sample of Master Table

ObjectLine IDWavelength
Int FluxInt Flux ErrFWHMFWHM ErrProfile Qualifier
AA TauH2 [01]a1338.576.05E-153.82E-1753.612.240
CVSO 104H2 [1,4]b 1504.761.98e-158.98e-1756.132.430
sz19N V1238.8212.61E-161.54E-17152.0221.742
sz76H2 [01]b1398.952.18E-163.79E-1749.1321.373
SY ChaH2 [17]b1524.652.37E-157.07E-1769.872.420

Peak wavelength is reported in Angstroms (Å), integrated flux and integrated flux error are reported in erg/cm2/s and Full Width Half Max (FWHM) and FWHM error are reported in km/s. Profile qualifier marks the quality of the emission line; the data quality codes are 0 – well-detected emission, 1 – non-detection, 2 – line-blending interference, and 3 – low signal to noise ratio in the data.

Flux and FWHM Full Sample Plots

Full Sample Plots

FUV Continuum and Spectral Data

Spectral Line and FUV Continuum Data

This page provides access to each object’s spectral line data and the ‘as observed’ (not corrected for interstellar reddening) FUV data for each object. The spectral line downloads and the FUV downloads are on their own pages, which are accessible on the above linked page.

Files For Download

The links below lead to different pages containing downloadable data. The first links to pages for the spectral line and ‘as observed’ FUV data for each star, the second has ‘as observed’ FUV data downloads, the third has the spectral line data downloads, the fourth has the complete data table for all emission lines on all stars and the fifth has the FWHM and Flux full sample plots.