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Below is a list of publications about the CUTE mission design, testing and integration, and science.

Sreejith, A. G., Fossati, Luca., Suresh, A., Egan. A., Nell, N., France, K., Fleming, B. T., Hass, S., Chambliss, M, DeCicco, N., Steller, M., The Autonomous Data Reduction Pipeline for the CUTE Mission, PASP 134, 114506, 2022. arXiv, Journal

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Media & Press Coverage

Below is a potentially non-exhaustive list of news articles and blogs about the CUTE Mission.

October 10th 2021

Space Flight Now: Secondary payloads launched with Landsat begin commissioning

September 30th 2021

Futura-Sciences: A “cute” little satellite has just taken off to study exoplanets (the original article is in French)

September 26th 2021

Colorado Fox31: CU researchers prepare for launch sending cereal box-sized satellite into space to study planet evolution

The Science Times: Researchers Will Soon Launch a $4 Million Cereal Box-Sized Satellite to Space to Examine Planet Evolution, Exoplanets

September 25th 2021

NASA Earth Facebook Page: Recoded Interview with graduate student Arika Egan

Universe Today: A Tiny, Inexpensive Satellite Will be Studying the Atmospheres of hot Jupiters

September 24th 2021

Denver 9NEWS: CU Boulder lab designs small satellite that launched into space under NASA-funded mission

NASA Heliophysics Team Blog: Tiny Satellites Will Address Sizeable Questions in Space Science

NASA Goddard Earth Expeditions Blog: ‘The most exciting beep I’ll ever hear’

September 23rd 2021

CU Boulder Today: New cereal box-sized satellite to explore alien planets

Denver CBS Local: CU Boulder Scientists Will Launch Cereal Box-Sized Satellite Into Space To Examine Planets Outside Our Solar System New cereal box-sized satellite to explore alien planets