EVE observes solar soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet irradiance at a high cadence. EVE’s L0CS space weather data products are near real-time with latency less than a minute and are appropriate for space weather applications. Because this is a low latency product, there maybe be data gaps. Users who need higher quality data can access higher level data products suitable for research, available from the EVE website.

For current flare indices based on ESP and proxies visit SDO/GOES X-Ray Flare Watch.

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The Latest Daily Quicklook Data file starts at 0:00 UT and is updated every minute with EVE photometer data. Another file with only the latest 15-minutes is also available.

Archived Level 0C Spectra are also available for downloading. The files contain a full days of 1 minute average spectra. We encourage users of historical data to use the 10-second spectra from the level 2 products instead, or our 1 minute spectra from the level 2b products.

Historical SAM images can be found here and movies here.

ESP is used to estimate the soft X-ray solar irradiance centroid shown below.

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