Prime Mission Science Team

  • University of Colorado / LASP

    • Thomas N. Woods (EVE PI)
    • Francis G. Eparvier (EVE Project Scientist)
    • Andrew Jones
    • Phil Chamberlin
  • University of Southern California

    • Darrell L. Judge
    • Leonid Didkovsky
  • Naval Research Laboratory

    • Harry P. Warren
    • Judith L. Lean
    • John T. Mariska
    • Donald R. McMullin
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory

    • Gregory D. Berthiaume
  • Virginia Tech

    • Scott M. Bailey

    • Rodney A. Viereck
  • Space Environment Technologies

    • W. Kent Tobiska

    • Timothy J. Fuller-Rowell
  • Utah State University

    • Jan J. Sojka

LASP Personnel / Managers

E-mail addresses for LASP personnel are

  • Tom Woods– EVE PI
  • Frank Eparvier– EVE Project Scientist
  • Amir Caspi– EVE Scientist
  • Andrew Jones– EVE Scientist
  • Mike Anfinson– EVE Program Manager
  • Rick Kohnert– EVE System Engineer
  • Greg Ucker– EVE System Engineer
  • Gail Tate– EVE Software Manager
  • Gregg Allison– EVE Lead Flight Software
  • Karen Bryant– EVE Lead Ground Software
  • Vanessa George– Eve Science Assistant
  • Bret Lamprecht– EVE Lead Thermal Engineer
  • Heather Passe– EVE Lead Mechanical Engineer
  • Neil White– EVE Lead Electrical Engineer
  • Don Woodraska– EVE Lead Data Processing Software
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