Energetic Electrons Below Earth’s Inner Radiation Belt

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Energetic Electrons Below Earth’s Inner Radiation Belt

Sam Walton
(SSL, UC Berkeley)
October 3, 2023 4:00 PM

Energetic electrons below the inner radiation belt (L≲1.2) have been previously thought of as uncommon, though there are increasing reports in literature of injections of 10s-100s keV electrons into this region, in association with geomagnetic activity. We leverage Van Allen Probes measurements close to perigee to analyze these very low L-shell electron fluxes in a statistical manner using the 7-years of data. We present a comprehensive statistical study of 10s to 100s of keV electrons below the inner radiation belt in relation to geomagnetic activity, including various indices (AE, Kp, etc.), geomagnetic storms and spatial distributions. This seminar will detail the significance of these particles’ presence below the inner belt, the statistical methods used to analyse them and the first statistical results.

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