NB: This is a slightly different scheduling than we've had in past!  Tuesday instead of Wednesday, 4th week of the month instead of the third.

Jeffrey Morisette, USGS, “Developing a common modeling framework for the Department of Interior’s North Central Climate Science Center”

This month we welcome Jeff Morisette, visiting us from USGS in Fort Collins to talk about, among other things, his experience with VisTrails.  From the page VisTrails Overview , "VisTrails was designed to manage rapidly evolving scientific workflows and provenance that support simulations, data exploration and visualization."  Jeff's group added a package to that software: SAHM, Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling.

Jeff is currently the director of the DOI North Central Climate Science Center where he manages and conducts research on how natural and cultural land management can respect the non-stationary nature of climate.  A current research theme is how dynamic species distribution models can contribute to vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.

We'll meet at the Boulder Outlook Hotel.  Come on by!


4:00 - 5:00 Presentation

5:00 - 6:00 Social