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NOTE: When we have an opportunity, we will update this page with the new 7120.5E terminology for these criteria/requirements.  What remains constant is that this is what we are building the SMART-supported Phase E science ground processing system to meet.

From the Program Level Requirements.  Check the MMS MIS to ensure you are using the correct version.

At each spacecraft in the four-satellite constellation:

  • STP-MMS-S10: Resolve plasma conditions in the reconnection diffusion region on electron
    and ion time scales including plasma flows, currents, temperatures and heat flow.
  • STP-MMS-S20: Measure the decoupling of ions from the magnetic field across the
    reconnection region.
  • STP-MMS-S30: Measure the contribution of ions to plasma turbulence generation and
    determine the resulting ion heating rates.
  • STP-MMS-S40: Detect and identify plasma wave modes and characteristics.
  • STP-MMS-S50: Resolve thin electron layers and associated currents.
  • STP-MMS-S60: At the smallest scales, measure the decoupling of electrons from the
    magnetic field within the electron diffusion regions.
  • STP-MMS-S70: Detect vector magnetic fields within reconnection regions.
  • STP-MMS-S80: Resolve the causes of phase-space density modifications and energization
    of energetic electrons and ions.
  • STP-MMS-S90: Measure the 3D components of the reconnection electric field, and
    particularly its parallel component.

Using difference measurements across the constellation:

  • STP-MMS-S100: Determine ion inflow and outflow velocities and plasma pressure and anisotropy gradients.
  • STP-MMS-S110: Determine mass flow rates across the magnetopause during reconnection.
  • STP-MMS-S120: Determine divergence of energy flux across the reconnection boundary.
  • STP-MMS-S130: Map magnetic topology and resolve structures of the electron and ion diffusion regions.
  • STP-MMS-S140: Resolve reconnection acceleration sites through triangulation using remote measurements of accelerated electrons and ions.
  • STP-MMS-S150: Determine the motion and orientation of boundaries such as the magnetopause and the magnetotail current sheets.
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