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GOAL:  Maximize the scientific quality and volume of high-resolution (burst) data transmitted to the ground.

The SITL reviews each day's data and provides appropriate, timely input on burst selections to the SOC.

  1. Using the EVA software, download and review all available trigger, survey, and SWx data
  2. Be aware of any specific ITF requests 
  3.  Find the priority events, adhering to the Seasonal FOM Guidelines
  4. Submit priority download segments via EVA
  5. Communicate selections via email to SITL email list; the email includes a summary of data availability/quality, characteristics of significant burst events, note any issues, and include attachments of the .SAV file and an image of the selections.
  6.  Until archiving of the daily report emails is automated, link the daily report at the following page.
  7. Compile suggestions for automated SITL algorithm.

All teams expect the SITL to report anomalous data signatures to the relevant s/c or instruments leads. While ultimate responsibility for mission/instrument health and data status resides with the individual instrument leads and their team, the SITL's unique perspective can be a beneficial first response in the effort to maintain instrument health.

 The SITL's ultimate goal is to put themselves out of business; they train the automated loops and monitor their performance thereafter, adjusting selections and reference tables as deemed necessary.


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