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MMS Science Operations and Data Analysis Working Group News:

1. 0 Travel Notes

  • Chapman Conference NCTS approvals are starting to go out

  • AGU registration and housing is open

2.0 MMS Flight Dynamics and Ephemeris/Attitude

  • Formation maintenance maneuver scheduled for August 31/September 1 to keep at 160 km.
  • First formation resize maneuver scheduled for September 16/17 for 60 km.

3.0 MMS Burst Memory Management

  • Roy Torbert is the current SITL, with Katy Goodrich being the SITL on Deck for next week.
  • Recall SITL email list for updates
  • Recall SITL Operations list for schedules and the SITL Reports Page for outcomes
  • Mitsuo Oka made the following plot summarizing MMS burst memory management over time.  The thin black curve shows the total number of buffers HELD for more than 3 days. If the thin black curve approaches the grey-shaded region, we are in danger of loosing segments. The table shows the number of currently pending segments.  Definition of Category 0, 1, 2, etc, is here.



  • If there are updates to the SITL CDF data product structure, content, or delivery schedules; please notify the Supervisory SITLs before deployment.   We have had a few disruptions to the SITL process when new files were not compatible with the SITL software.  Similarly, you should notify this forum for broader changes so that the broader range of codes can be smoothly updated as well.
  • FPI released an updated version of the SITL CDF files this week.  These files, with version v0.1.0, should not disrupt current display/analysis codes.  The update provides updated/corrected moments, which should be very welcome.
  • MMS inclusion into SPEDAS is progressing.  There are crib sheets in the MMS Project folder that are of use now.  As these progress and data products become available these will be expanded and inclusion in the GUI will continue to expand. 

5.0  NO UPDATE FOR NOW – Tetrahedron Management:

Following is a plot with the definitive quality factor for Rev 143.  


  • STP-MMS-P40: Spacecraft Constellation Formation Quality.  A Quality Factor shall be developed that defines the usefulness of the tetrahedron formation of the four spacecraft that is the product of two functions. One function is a metric of the inner spacecraft separation, and the other is a metric of the tetrahedron shape.  This Quality Factor shall be greater than or equal to 0.7 for 80% of the time in the regions of science interest. The regions of science interest are defined as geocentric distances >9 RE for Phase 1, and >15 RE for Phase 2. There is no formation requirement or region of science interest defined during the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2.





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