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MMS Science Coordination Site


A wiki/forum for the MMS Science Team to post and discuss items of interest to the entire team.


Thanks to Guan Le for posting other photos here.

  • 26-28 Sept.: Fall SWT Meeting at UNH. Presentations are posted here.
  • 10 June: Commissioning discussion at GSFC
  • 7-9 June: Ground System PDR at GSFC
  • 1-2 June: SRB Update Briefing at GSFC Visitor Center
  • 18 May: "Interactive Tools for Data Transformation and Visualization" by J. Heer @ GSFC IS&T Colloquium
  • 5-6 May: SOC Technical Interchange Meeting at LASP
  • 4 May: Pre-PDR Peer Review of SOC at LASP

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Download full size version.

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