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MMS Science Working Team Home

This is the "behind the scenes" place for the MMS SWT to coordinate their development efforts in service to the broader science community.

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Next Science Working Team / Group Meeting

Tues and Wed, Oct 1 and 2:  Science Working Team @ APL
Thurs, Oct 3:  Science Working Group @ APL

Splinter Meetings:
Sat, Sun, Mon, Sept 28-30: FIELDS at UNH
Mon, Sept 30, all day:  FPI at GSFC Building 21, Room 183  (contact for access:
Wed, Oct 2, 8am: SITL-SOC interface coding details, at APL 200-E276


Visitor info, Agenda  (updated 9/19)

Specifically: if you click on "APL Main Campus" under "Campus Maps", you will find a map of the main campus of APL.  Our meeting will be held at the very bottom of this map at "South Campus", Building 200, south of Johns Hopkins Road.  The entrance faces south, away from the road, and there is plenty of parking in that region as well.

                Directions from Airports is provide under "Map and Directions"

                Lodging suggestions can be found under "Lodging" 

FOREIGN NATIONALS (This does not include Green Card Holders; see below):

Our meeting will be outside of APL?s security perimeter, but none-the-less Foreign Nationals must register for the meeting.  We will need the following information from each foreign national more than 7 working days before your arrival to the meeting.  PLEASE SEND THIS INFORMATION TO BOTH BARRY MAUK AT AND TO OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR, KIM MORGAN AT  ALSO, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BRING SOLID, VALID INDENTIFICATION (PASSPORT PREFERRED; VISAS OR WORK PERMITS MAY ALSO SUFFICE).  BRING THE ACTUAL IDENTIFICAION,  NOT JUST A COPY. Information that we need is:

                                0) Citizenship

                                1) Full Name

                                2) The Institution that you are representing

                                3) Full Contact Information

                                4) Date of Birth

                                5) Whether or not you will bring a laptop (if you do we will assume that you will be connecting to our Guest Network that give access to the internet)


If you have a valid green card that you bring with you and have on your person, no action is required for you.  If you do not bring your valid green card and have it with you, you will be treated as if you are a Foreign National. And, on the day of the meeting, because it will be too late to register you as a Foreign National, you will not be allowed into the meeting.  AND SO, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A VALID GREEN CARD WITH YOU, THEN PLEASE PROVIDE THE INFORMATION ABOVE AS IF YOU ARE A FOREIGN NATION.

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MMS Mission Book Progress

Office Excel
pagemms:MMS Book Drafts

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MMS News

  • 26-28 June 2013 Mission Operations Review GSFC
  • 10 June 2013: First CPT completed successfully! Congrats to I&T Team!  
  • Science article on President's Budget and impacts on STEM Education and Outreach. 
  • 27-30 Aug 2012: Mission SIR at GSFC   
  • 11 Jan 2012: IS SIR at SwRI and on WEBEX for instrument team leads. [Presentations are here.|
  • 10 June 2011: Commissioning discussion at GSFC
  • 7-9 June 2011: Ground System PDR at GSFC
  • 1-2 June 2011: SRB Update Briefing at GSFC Visitor Center
  • 5-6 May 2011: SOC Technical Interchange Meeting at LASP
  • 4 May 2011: Pre-PDR Peer Review of SOC at LASP
  • New MMS Project Web Site is up. Check it out and comment here...

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Science Ops:

Data Product Levels
Data Products List
Data Products Guide
SITL Process
SITL Training
Reconnexion Physics Forum

SWT/SWG Archive:

Mar 19-22, 2013 @ LASP
Sep 11-13, 2012 @ GSFC
Mar 20-22, 2012 @ SWRI
Sep 26-28, 2011 @ UNH
Mar 22-24, 2011 @ Florida
Oct 19-21, 2010 @ MD