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MMS Science Working Team Home

This is the "behind the scenes" place for the MMS SWT to coordinate their development efforts in service to the broader science community.

Next Science Working Team / Group Meeting

25-27 (T-W-Th) March 2014 at the University of Iowa: Logistics Information  | Agenda

For those traveling to Iowa, please plan to join the team dinner.  Jim Burch has established a dinner talk series in which someone from the MMS team shares their "passion" outside of space physics.  Here in Iowa we will hear from Craig Kletzing, a Fields team member and a Van Allen Probes instrument PI that has a rock band.  After dinner, all welcome to move over to a local bar or club or something like that where the band has been booked for the evening.  We have heard some inspiring stories at previous dinners and I expect Kletzing's personal history will be just as inspiring.

Head count needed for the team dinner on Tuesday, March 25.  A menu has been circulated and the cost will be $35/person, not including drinks that folks will order on their own. Please pass this along to your team members that will be attending.  Notify Craig Kletzing of your intent to attend the dinner by COB Thursday, March 20.

Some interesting guests planning to attend our SWT meeting:

It may be of interest to know that one of the two GRL editors for our scientific subdiscipline plans to attend the March SWT meeting. Beniot Lavraud of the
Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie is an editor for magnetospheric and heliospheric physics.  (Bill Peterson of LASP is the second editor)

Also, the Director for the Heliophysics Division -- Dave Chenette -- and our MMS Program Scientist -- Dave Klumpar -- plan to attend.  We will appreciate having their time and support as we press toward launch!

MMS News

  • MMS Book chapter manuscripts are now due to be submitted both here for internal review, and at the Space Science Reviews site, as explained here
  • For the latest on MMS, like us on Facebook
  • 20 Nov 2013: A current list of MMS publications has been created.  
  • 26-28 June 2013 Mission Operations Review GSFC
  • 10 June 2013: First CPT completed successfully! Congrats to I&T Team!  
  • Science article on President's Budget and impacts on STEM Education and Outreach. 
  • 27-30 Aug 2012: Mission SIR at GSFC   
  • 11 Jan 2012: IS SIR at SwRI and on WEBEX for instrument team leads. [Presentations are here.|
  • 10 June 2011: Commissioning discussion at GSFC
  • 7-9 June 2011: Ground System PDR at GSFC
  • 1-2 June 2011: SRB Update Briefing at GSFC Visitor Center
  • 18 May 2011: "Interactive Tools for Data Transformation and Visualization" by J. Heer @ GSFC IS&T Colloquium
  • 5-6 May 2011: SOC Technical Interchange Meeting at LASP
  • 4 May 2011: Pre-PDR Peer Review of SOC at LASP
  • New MMS Project Web Site is up. Check it out and comment here...


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SWT/SWG Archive:

Oct 1-2, 2013 @ APL
Mar 19-22, 2013 @ LASP
Sep 11-13, 2012 @ GSFC
Mar 20-22, 2012 @ SWRI
Sep 26-28, 2011 @ UNH
Mar 22-24, 2011 @ Florida
Oct 19-21, 2010 @ MD