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MMS Project Contacts





MMS Science Principal Investigator

James Burch


MMS Program Scientist

David Klumpar 


MMS Project Scientist

Thomas Moore


MMS Deputy Project Scientist

Guan Le


MMS Deputy Project Scientist

Mark Adrian


MMS Science Lead Co-Is:

Co-PI and Fields Lead Co-I: Prof. R B Torbert, U New Hampshire

Fast Plasma Investigation Lead Co-I: Dr. C J Pollock, NASA Goddard SFC

Hot Plasma Composition Lead Co-I: Dr. D T Young, SwRI

Energetic Particles Lead Co-I: Dr. B H Mauk, JHU/APL

ASPOC Lead Co-I: Dr. K. Torkar, OeAW

Axial Double Probes and Burst Data System: Prof. R. E. Ergun, LASP/U. Colorado

Mission Design, Plasma Science and HPCA: Dr. S. A. Fuselier, Lockheed Martin ATC, Palo Alto, CA 

Theory and Modeling Team Lead: Dr. M. Hesse / NASA Goddard SFC

Science Operations Center Lead: Dr. D. N. Baker / LASP, CU Boulder

MMS Science Co-Is

Dr. B. Anderson, JHU/APL 

Dr. M. André, IRFU 

Dr. U. Auster, TUBS

Dr. W. Baumjohann, IWF

Dr. J. Birn, LANL

Dr. B. Blake, Aerospace (FEEPS Lead)

Dr. J. Buechner, MPE Lindau

Dr. M. O. Chandler, NSSTC, MSFC

Dr. J. Clemmons, Aerospace

Dr. A. J. Coates, MSSL (DES Lead)

Dr. R. Denton, Dartmouth

Dr. J. Drake, U. MD

Dr. A. Ericksson, IRFU

Dr. A. Fazakerley, MSSL

Dr. H. Funsten, LANL

Dr. K.-H. Glassmeier, TUBS (DFG Lead) 

Dr. T. Gombosi, U. Mich.

Dr. M. Grande, RAL/TBD

Dr. G. Haerendel, MPI Garching (ret.)

Dr. M. Hoshino, U. Tokyo

Dr. C. Kletzing, U Iowa

Dr. O. Le Contel, CETP

Dr. P.-A. Lindqvist, KTH (DCE Lead)

Dr. S. Livi, SwRI

Dr. G. Marklund, KTH

Dr. W. Matthaeus, Bartol, U. Del.

Dr. D. J. McComas, SwRI

Dr. T. Mukai, ISAS, Tokyo (DIS Lead, ph. A-B)

Dr. G. Paschmann, ISSI (ret.)

Dr. J. Quinn (EDI Lead, ret.)

Dr. G. Reeves, LANL

Dr. P. Reiff, Rice U.

Dr. A. Roux, CETP (SCM Lead)

Dr. C. Russell, UCLA (AFG Lead)

Dr. Y. Saito, ISAS (DIS Lead, ph. C-E)

Dr. S. Schwartz, Q.M. College

Dr. J Slavin, U. Mich. 

Dr. H Spence, UNH

Dr. M. Thomsen, LANL (ret.)

Dr. K.-H. Trattner, LMATC

Dr. J. Vogt, U. Bremen 

Interdisciplinary Science Team Leads

Prof. M. V. Goldman, U. Colorado

Dr. T. Phan, U. Calif. Berkeley

Dr. Melvyn L. Goldstein, NASA Goddard SFC

Prof. M. Ashour-Abdalla, Univ. Calif. in Los Angeles