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{color:#000000}The Boulder Earth and Space Science Informatics Group (BESSIG) aims to galvanize and support networking and collaboration among Earth and Space Science data users, data providers, data managers, and middleware providers, especially those in the Boulder, Colorado area. Topical areas include issues of scientific data representation, management, discovery, access, analysis, visualization, citation, transparency, and the infrastructure to support those efforts. The end goal is to improve the usage and thus the value of scientific data, thereby improving our understanding of our Earth and its systems.{color}

Our next meeting is on *WednesdayTuesday, AprilMay 1721, at* {color:#000000}{*}4:00 PM{*}{color}*.  Chriss Lynnes * {color:#000000}willThe presenttopic is{color} {color:#000000}{*}_"TheNOAA Earth Science CollaboratoryInformation Services and TerraViz"_{*}{color}{color:#000000}*"*, by{color} {color:#000000}{*}Eric Hackathorn, Julien Lynge, Jeff Smith, Jebb Steward, and Chris MacDermaid{*}{color}{color:#000000}, from NOAA.{color}{color:#222222}  {color}More information is available at this [AprilMay Meetingmeeting Announcementannouncement||AprilMay Meetingmeeting Announcementannouncement].  Please(Note notethat that themeeting Earth Science Collaboratory project actively seeks potential users.  If this tool sounds like something you might use and you would like to be involved in its design, check out the [April Meeting Announcement||April Meeting Announcement].will be {color:#ff0000}on a Tuesday{color}, rather than a Wednesday.)

We continually seek topics and speakers of interest.  If you have an idea for a relevant topic you would like to see presented, please contact bessig dot info at lasp dot colorado dot edu to discuss setting up a presentation.  See our [news page||news page] for past meeting agendas and other news that might spur ideas. 

*To access member-only content and post to this site, you must first [register|BESSIG:Registration Form] to obtain a username and password.*{builder-hide}