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Hi gang,

Two weeks ago I sent the email below to the group asking for some BESSIG feedback and received a response rate of 8%.  Having spent a fair amount of time organizing these meetings, I found that discouraging. 

Was it just a large scale oversight?  Or is there not enough energy in the community to sustain this effort?  Maybe we need to scale back?  Take a break?



Anne Wilson wrote:
> Hi BESSIG members,
> Please help me organize the next meeting by providing responses to a few
> questions below.  But, first let me make a few points:
> I do plan to investigate if the St. Julien and the Boulderado have
> anything to offer, but for now assume nothing comes of that.
> Personally, I seek to not have to provide food.  Not having to provide
> AV equipment is also good, though I'm willing to provide AV equipment in
> order to not have to provide food.
> If we went to a model where attendees expected to contribute something
> to the cost of food and drinks provided, then we could potentially meet
> anywhere where food could be delivered or otherwise brought in.  And
> anyone could potentially be responsible for the food, and thus the food
> responsibility could be shared.   Indeed, the meeting location could
> also be rotated and that responsibility shared too.  Separation of
> concerns is good!
> If we meet at LASP we must forgo alcohol.  But LASP has an excellent
> room with great AV support and high bandwidth, which is much better for
> remote participation via Skype.  It has an easy location and ample
> parking.   Food can easily be delivered.
> The Millennium provides prepared food and alcoholic drinks in a neutral
> location.  It's an easy location with ample parking.  Though, the room
> is less than ideal due to its dimensions and location next to the
> smoking bar.  And, we must provide AV equipment, which is non trivial.
> The bandwidth is not sufficient for remote participation via Skype.
> So, with these thoughts in mind, please answer:
> Of the two choices of LASP or the Millennium, where would you prefer to
> meet next month?
> In general, how much would you be willing to pay for food and beverages
> to be provided?    Would you prefer: no food, simple packages of chips,
> or something prepared, such as pizza, chinese, burritos, greek, thai, etc.?
> Assuming your expenses were reimbursed by the group, would you be
> willing to take on providing food for the next meeting?
> What topics do you suggest for October and November meetings?
> Would you be willing to organize the content for a future meeting topic?
>   If so, what topic?  (I will help and support the effort.)
> Btw, recall that we did start a page Meeting Topic and Organizer List:
>   Perhaps as a group we should revisit that list.
> TIA for your responses to these questions!
> Anne