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Actions:  Bob noted that there are plenty of details to be worked; some details to the interface diagrams may need updating.  Lots of fine tuning to do but things appear to be coming together. 


in the future:
SITL to do

NOTES FROM SITL WORKSHOP:  items to review/do in the future:

  • HPCA processing of data for SITL function
  • Representation of SITL Tools portion of the SOC-SITL graphic needs updating
  • Communicate the routine CDQ selection algorithms
  • How to accommodate the changes that FPI command mode can have on its trigger terms.  No free running on changing mode without accommodating through the system.  Identify areas this type of thing can occur and write down a process to accommodate.  The IS ops lead has a thought on this process.
  • Write down SITL staffing plan, request other suggestions (Phan?), circulate, refine, take to SWG.
  • Beta testing of SITL system ... need to get the TDAS downloaded, etc.  prepare for the next in-person SWG meeting.  Prepare a beta test plan.
  • Straw poll of folks willing to serve as SITL scientist.
  • Review CDF implementation and what metadata will be included to make sure all files are useful to the SITL, and other, functions.  Non-standard CDFs are considered to be non-helpful.
  • How to notify the SITL that the data is ready for download and when their deadline is for turnaround.  Maybe text message?  Process for how SITL scientist authority is known.
  • Review notes above to see what else needs to be captured in this list ...
  • SITL commissioning plan, starting very simple, adding needed complexity as time goes on.