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  • Densities: [cm^-3]
  • Speed, Velocities : [km/s]
  • Angles, Phase shifts : [deg]
  • Pressures (plasma - dynamic, thermal, magnetic): [nPa]
  • Temperatures: [eV]
  • HeatFlux: [mW/m^2]
  • Entropy: [ergJ/K]  --> RJS comment - is this specific entropy log(P-rho^-gamma)? If so units are equivalent to Boltzmann constant, use J/K? Needs confirmation from the particle instruments team
  • Electric Field: [mV/m]
  • Probe to Spacecraft Potential: [V]
  • Electric Field Power Spectral Density : [(V/m)^2/Hz]  -->>  note that in these units E/B = 3*c, quickly tell ES v EM
  • ExB velocity: [km/s]
  • Poynting Flux : [mW/m^2]
  • Magnetic Field: [nT]
  • Magnetic field power spectral density: [nT^2/Hz]
  • Current density: [nA/m^2]
  • Differential Number Flux: #/(cm^2 s ster eV)
  • Differential Energy Flux: eV/(cm^2 s ster eV)