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Now working to set two telecons in January

Please see the meeting poll to set potential times.  Please be generous with indicating available times as there are many time zones to accommodate.

Date: Friday, December 20, 2013 3:39 PM
Subject: Continuing discussions re Space Weather Journal/Quarterly


We have had several good discussions regarding the path forward for the Space Weather Journal and the Space Weather Quarterly.  We hope you can join in a continuation of the conversation via two telecons during the month of January.

Please go to this time poll site to help us schedule optimal date(s)/time(s):

By the way, results are displayed in a cumulative fashion, so blacking out many times may not be as helpful to your fellow editorial board members as you might have wished.

Poll results will be displayed at:

Entries received by noontime on Monday, December 30th will be in time to set the telecon.  

As before, we will continue to collect information and materials at the web site: .  
Please help by adding/correcting information as you are able.

We look forward to continuing our conversations,
Louis Lanzerotti, Howard Singer, Dan Baker, and Barbara Giles

In other news:

Bob Robinson has contributed to a "history" page .  Please take a look and consider what history you may be able to add.  We'll want this material for our "Space Weather Journal First Solar Cycle" celebration.




Next Telecons:

tbd, see email