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  • Initiatives suggested through the flurry of emails (feel free to add/edit the list):
    • Overall:
      • work w/ AGU and SPA leadership to institutionalize SWJ/SWQ as a flagship science policy publication for AGU
      • increase visibility of journal and quarterly beyond its current readership
      • explore what a partnership with AMS and/or other societies would mean, what aspects would be enhanced or diluted.
      • renewed visibility on ISIS website
      • engage AGU's new director of public affairs, Lexi Shultz, in our discussions for the purpose of advising what will be most beneficial to agency/government stakeholders, among other topics. Her long experience as a gov't liason and legal advisor for UCS will be beneficial to the discussions.
    • Access/Citation Rate:
      • increase the number of reviews among the journal papers
      • continue/expand the Editor's Choice column
      • series of articles on the operational models
      • work with other editors to encourage redirection of appropriate research papers to SWJ
      • work with other editors for greater cross-referencing of relevant papers via new WWW site capabilities
    • Address Editorial Management Burdens / Production Costs
      • pursue "sponsored" support for professional editing and hardcopy printing costs for Quarterly
      • examine whether the production methods for the quarterly can economically leverage the Wiley "special collections" features to enable iPad/ebook versions and print-on-demand
      • establish subscription rules for print versus electronic versions of the Quarterly and processes for continued maintenance of the distribution list
      • carefully assess the government-mandated open access journal model, the responses to that mandate across the relevant publishers, and the potential benefit/liability to the range of journal and quarterly business cases that could be suggested. 

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Summary of points made in various emails/notes: