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Okay gang, this is our next challenge:

Who shall we ask to speak at our upcoming meeting and on what topic?  Is anyone in our group willing to speak?

I suggest that in our current stage of ferment we look for a topic with broad appeal.

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  1. We don't necessarily have to dedicate our entire hour to a single speaker, though I don't seek to discourage that.  But we could also consider a panel discussion or a survey effort.    These have appeal to me because they leverage our unique strength as a cross organizational group and also help us to get to know each other better. 

    A panel discussion on some question.  Possible topics:

    • What is trust in scientific data usage?  How can we help ensure and enhance data trustworthiness?
    • What are the current issues in data storage and access?  What does the future hold?  What about the cloud?
    • What are the tradeoffs in the different data models around and how do they impact us?
    • Should data be peer reviewed?  If so, how?

    A cross organizational survey of technologies and approaches in use, e.g. client side visualization tools, data storage tools, provenance tracking tools, etc.  Presenters might get 5 - 15 minutes each to describe their tools, lessons learned, future plans, etc.

  2. Perhaps not surprisingly, it seems as if we do not yet have sufficient cohesion to discuss speakers and meeting topics via our web site, as there have been no comments on the subject beyond my own.

    In order to use our time well next Wednesday, I propose focusing on building a list of meeting topics and contributors from which to draw over time.   I'm formulating an exercise that I hope will allow us to get to know each other better and also start that list.

    If anyone has other ideas for next Wednesday's meeting, or anything else related, please speak up!