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Oct. 30, 2012  SDO EVE Calibration Workshop (Yosemite, CA)

Session 1: EVE Calibration Updates
Welcome/ IntroductionAndrew Jones
MEGS In-flight Calibrations (flat field and filters)

Don Woodraska

SAM AnalysisCissi Lin
MEGS_B Campaign Planning and BakeoutsDiscussion - All
Combined CampaignsDiscussion - All
EVE Rocket Calibration TransferMichael Klapetsky
Session 2: Inter-Instrument Comparisons
AIA StatusPaul Boehner
New X-Ray Spectra: X123 Rocket SamAmir Caspi
LYRA Status and ComparisonsMarie Dominique
STCE Status and PlansMarie Dominique, Andrew Jones, Frank Eparvier
Degradation MechanismsDiscussion - All
ESP-In-Flight and Rocket CalibrationsLeonid Didkovsky and Seth Wieman
ESP-MESGS-SEM ComparisonsSeth Wieman and Leonid Didkovsky
EVE Version 4 Data Products Wish ListTom Woods, Don Woodraska
Wrap-up and Action Items