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Hi gang,

Two weeks ago I sent the email below to the group asking for some BESSIG feedback and received a response rate of 8%.  Having spent a fair amount of time organizing these meetings, I found that discouraging. 

Was it just a large scale oversight?  Or is there not enough energy in the community to sustain this effort?  Maybe we need to scale back?  Take a break?



Anne Wilson wrote:
> Hi BESSIG members,
> Please help me organize the next meeting by providing responses to a few
> questions below.  But, first let me make a few points:
> I do plan to investigate if the St. Julien and the Boulderado have
> anything to offer, but for now assume nothing comes of that.
> Personally, I seek to not have to provide food.  Not having to provide
> AV equipment is also good, though I'm willing to provide AV equipment in
> order to not have to provide food.
> If we went to a model where attendees expected to contribute something
> to the cost of food and drinks provided, then we could potentially meet
> anywhere where food could be delivered or otherwise brought in.  And
> anyone could potentially be responsible for the food, and thus the food
> responsibility could be shared.   Indeed, the meeting location could
> also be rotated and that responsibility shared too.  Separation of
> concerns is good!
> If we meet at LASP we must forgo alcohol.  But LASP has an excellent
> room with great AV support and high bandwidth, which is much better for
> remote participation via Skype.  It has an easy location and ample
> parking.   Food can easily be delivered.
> The Millennium provides prepared food and alcoholic drinks in a neutral
> location.  It's an easy location with ample parking.  Though, the room
> is less than ideal due to its dimensions and location next to the
> smoking bar.  And, we must provide AV equipment, which is non trivial.
> The bandwidth is not sufficient for remote participation via Skype.
> So, with these thoughts in mind, please answer:
> Of the two choices of LASP or the Millennium, where would you prefer to
> meet next month?
> In general, how much would you be willing to pay for food and beverages
> to be provided?    Would you prefer: no food, simple packages of chips,
> or something prepared, such as pizza, chinese, burritos, greek, thai, etc.?
> Assuming your expenses were reimbursed by the group, would you be
> willing to take on providing food for the next meeting?
> What topics do you suggest for October and November meetings?
> Would you be willing to organize the content for a future meeting topic?
>   If so, what topic?  (I will help and support the effort.)
> Btw, recall that we did start a page Meeting Topic and Organizer List:
>   Perhaps as a group we should revisit that list.
> TIA for your responses to these questions!
> Anne

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  1. Regarding the October meeting, would someone from Unidata be willing to cover the Standards and Interoperability topic in the (mentioned) List?

    It would be nice to have a big-picture talk on informatics for one meeting.  Has that been done?  Someone in the area an expert on this? Do any of the local biotech companies know about BESSIG?  We are Earth and Space Science, but there might be a lot of informatics expertise in other disciplines.  There are a lot of health informatics hits in a search of the CU website.  Are those relevant to us?

    Regarding venue, I prefer LASP.  Alcohol is not important.  It would be nice to have a glass of wine or a beer while listening to a talk, but for me, it improved conversation, but not listening to a technical talk.  :-)  We've been more in the technical talk mode.

    Since we start at 4, I don't think food is important.  I can wait until after the meeting to eat.  If people want snacks, that's fine.  I'll chip in.  Dinner is the least important.  It interferes with the program at the Millennium.  It would interfere at LASP.  We'd have to take a break.  The Java users group always has pizza (it is provided by a local company for free), but the meeting goes from 6-9pm.  There's a half-hour break for the pizza.