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Author NamePaper title (or topic, if title is TBD)Status
Kevin GenestretiEnergy conversion in magnetopause vs magnetotail electron diffusion regionsin prog
Julia StawarzTurbulence-Driven Magnetic Reconnection and the Correlation Length of Magnetosheath Turbulencein prog
Matthew ArgallObservations and Simulations of Kinetic Entropy in a Magnetotail Electron Diffusion Regionin prog
Matthew ArgallInformation Loss Associated with the Kinetic Picture of Plasmas and Implications for Dissipation Studiesin prog
Shan WangLower-hybrid drift waves and their interaction with plasmas in a 3D reconnection simulationaccepted
Shan WangA statistical study of three-second ULF waves observed by MMSin prog
Owen RobertsThe Kinetic Alfven-like nature of turbulent fluctuations in the Earth's magnetosheath: MMS measurement of the electron Alfven ratioin prog
Seung ChoiWhistler waves generated by nongyrotropic and gyrotropic electron beams during asymmetric guide field reconnectionin prog
Dominic PayneOrigin and Structure of Electromagnetic Generator Regions at the Edge of the Electron Diffusion Regionin prog
Cecilia NorgrenObservation of nonlinear wave-electron interaction in electron phase space holesin prog
Narges AhmadiObservations of Electron Vorticity and Phase Space Holes in the Magnetopause Reconnection Separatrixin prog
Imogen GingellObserving the prevalence of thin current sheets downstream of Earth's bow shockin prog
Mitsuo OkaElectron power-law spectra in Earth's magnetotailin prog
Jason ShusterElectron-Scale Temperature Gradients in Kinetic Equilibrium: MMS Observations and Vlasov-Maxwell Solutionsin prog
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