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Tuesday, March 20 – Wednesday March 21


Tuesday, March 20


Part 1: Mission status and ops


8:30am Jim Burch: Welcome and logistics

8:40am Dennis Gallagher/Barbara Giles: Program scientist and HQ comments

8:55am Tom Moore: Project Scientist comments

9:10am Craig Tooley/Brent Robertson: Mission level status

9:30am Craig Tooley/Brent Robertson: Mission level I&T status and


9:50am Jim Burch: Science Investigation status

10:10am Ron Black: Instrument Suite / I&T status and schedule


10:30-10:45am Break


10:45amTroy Cline/Pat Reiff: Mission Education and Outreach status

11:05am Vassilis Angelopoulos: "THEMIS orbit re-design to match MMS and provide large-scale context

11:25am Yuri Khotyaintsev: Cluster results related to reconnection


11:45am-1:00pm Break


Part 2: Science


1:00pm MMS TM Team

1:00pm Michael Hesse: Outflow jet and visualization tools

1:20pm Marc Swisdak: The impact of turbulence on the structure of the dissipation region

1:40pm Richard Denton: Determining the orientation and velocity of a reconnecting structure from multiple spacecraft data

2:00pm Joachim Birn: Flow bursts and particle acceleration

2:20pm William Matthaeus: Conditional statistics approach to identification of reconnection regions and dissipative structures

2:40pm Nicholas Aunai: Hybrid modeling of reconnection


3:00pm – 3:15pm Break


3:15pm IDS 1:

3: 25pm Tai Phan: "Contrasting X-line and O-line signatures"

3:45pm Forrest Mozer: "Observations near the X-line"

4:05pm Kittipat Malakit: "Properties of asymmetric reconnection diffusion region from simulations".

4:25pm Mike Shay: "Super-Alfvenic propagation of energy released during magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail ". (Tom Moore invited Mike to talk about this topic.)

4:45pm Michael Sitnov: dipolarization fronts using THEMIS observations and simulations.




Wednesday, March 21


8:30am IDS 2:

8:30am Mel Goldstein: dissipation of magnetofluid turbulence

8:50am John Dorelli: FPI moments error analysis and in-flight calibration (with applications to a simulated electron diffusion region crossing at the dayside magnetopause)

9:10am Maha Ashour-Abdalla: electron acceleration in the tail

9:30am Mustafa El-Alaoui: turbulence in the magnetotail


9:50 – 10:05am break


10:05am IDS 3:

10:05am Marti Goldman

10:25am Gianni Lapenta

10:45am Stefan Ericsson

11:05am David Newman 

Simulations compared to measurements; 3D simulations; instabilities; separatrix physics; flythroughs; particle trajectories; guide fields; Hall electric fields, scalings



Part 3: Science operations and analysis


11:25am Conrad Schiff: Flight Dynamics


11:45am – 1:00pm Lunch


1:00pm Pete Spidaliere/Roy Torbert: Commissioning and operations

1:30pm Steven Fuselier: MMS orbit

2:00pm Tom Moore: Phase 1x Science Opportunities

2:30pm Lon Riesberg: Science Data Center:  Data Access and SITL

3:15pm Bob Ergun/Tai Phan: Burst mode and SITL Process

3:45pm Tom Moore: Data products

4:15pm Jim Burch: Conclusion, action items and next SWT meeting