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MMS Mission

Ed. By J. Burch and R. Torbert


Space Science Reviews


MMS Overview and Science Objectives     Burch, Moore

MMS Observatory   Tooley, Black

MMS Mission and Operations   Fuselier, Schiff 

FIELDS Investigation   Torbert

    Spin-plane Double probe experimentLindqvist, Torbert

    Axial Double Probe Ergun

    Flux-Gate Magnetometers Russell, Magnes

    Search Coil Magnetometer  LeContel

    Electron Drift Instrument  Vaith

FPI Investigation    Pollock, Moore

HPCA Investigation    Young, Fuselier

EPD Investigation    Mauk

ASPOC InvestigationTorkar

MMS Data Management   Baker, Pankratz

MMS Theory and Modeling    Hesse

IDS 1    Phan

IDS 2    Goldman

IDS 3    Goldstein

MMS EPO  Reiff, Cline