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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Command and Sequence Archives

This page contains TAR files of all of the designed sequences for the entire mission. This page is meant to be a storage archive in the event that additional information is needed from the Orbit Plan (orpro), Sequence Event File (sef) or As Run File (asrun) regarding the observation. (Note: the TAR file contains Vax format directory names attached to the file names and the orbits are given sometimes as numbers and sometimes as orbit alpha-numberics. Check the TAR listing file first.)

See also the UVS/EUV mission command summary in cmd_archive.lis in the general_info page. Real-time commands are contained in that list as well.

The ORBIT_DESIGN TAR contains some products for which we no longer have the JPL software (i.e. POINTER) but also contains Postscript plots from the GGGS software program; some of these may augment those already on the UVS/EUV orbit pages. This TAR file appears to have been truncated and does not contain all the executed orbits. Use the JUPITER_ORBITS TAR instead.

Command Timeline

Instrument Commanding

Sequence Archive