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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

UVS Jupiter Operations Data

Each orbit below lists all the available files for that time period. The type of file data or meta data is distinguished by the file extension. Each orbit has a reference file to link file name, observation ID and execution time. Files with “.dat” extensions are vax format and files with “.xdr” extensions are unix. See Filenames for a full list of file extension definitions. In each orbit directory, look for the “xxx.stat” file for grating performance status.

FULL UVS ARCHIVE TAR             (List)


SUMMARY (html)


J0CD j0cd_obs_names
G01 g01_obs_names G01_uvs_oapels_p1.pdfG01_uvs_oapels_p2.pdf
G02 g02_obs_names G02_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, G02_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, G02_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
C03 c03_obs_names C03_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, C03_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, C03_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E04 e04_obs_names E04_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E04_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E04_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E06 e06_obs_names E06_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E06_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E06_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
G07 g07_obs_names G07_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, G07_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, G07_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
G08 g08_obs_names G08_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, G08_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, G08_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
C09 c09_obs_names C09_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, C09_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, C09_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
C10 c10_obs_names C10_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, C10_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, C10_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E11 e11_obs_names E11_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E11_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E11_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E12 e12_obs_names E12_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E12_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf
E14 e14_obs_names E14_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E14_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E14_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E15 e15_obs_names E15_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, E15_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E15_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E16 e16_obs_names
E17 e17_obs_names E17_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, >E17_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, E17_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
E18 e18_obs_names E18_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf
E19 e19_obs_names E19_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf
C20 c20_obs_names C20_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, C20_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, C20_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
C21 c21_obs_names C21_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf
C22 c22_obs_names C22_uvs_oapels_awg.pdf, C22_uvs_oapels_swg.pdf, C22_uvs_oapels_mwg.pdf
C23 c23_obs_names C23_uvs_oapels.pdf
I24 i24_obs_names I24_uvs_oapels.pdf
I25 i25_obs_names I25_uvs_oapels.pdf
I27 i27_obs_names
G28 g28_obs_namel