LASP student recognized for contributions to New Horizons mission

SDC student Andrew Poppe receives certificate of appreciation

Mihayl Horanyi (far left) and Alan Stern (far right) present a certificate of appreciation to SDC team member Andrew Poppe for his outstanding contributions to the project. (Courtesy John Spencer, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder)

LASP graduate student Andrew Poppe has been presented with a certificate of appreciation from the NASA New Horizons mission. Poppe, who will defend his PhD thesis in Physics this spring, assisted with the mission’s Venetia Burney Student Dust Counter (SDC) instrument, which is on its way to Pluto and beyond.

Mihaly Horanyi, Poppe’s advisor, said, “Andrew has been an invaluable member of the SDC team, serving as the lead student operating this instrument, and analyzing and interpreting its science results.”

Poppe was presented the award by Horanyi, SDC Principal Investigator, and Dr. Alan Stern, New Horizons Principal Investigator. They recognized Poppe for his outstanding contributions to the SDC instrument operations and for his leadership of the student team.