LASP Public Lecture kicks off year of celebration

LASP celebrates our 65th anniversary, this year! (Courtesy LASP)

LASP kicks off a special year-long Public Lecture series to honor our 65th anniversary on October 11, 2013.  Please join us!

Speaker: Dr. Sam Durrance
Date: Friday, October 11, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM; doors open for a reception at 5:15 PM
Location: LSTB-A200 (map)

Riding a rocket into space, the exhilaration of zero-g, the satisfaction of operating the Astro Observatory, the emotional impact of seeing Earth from orbit—how can I possibly describe space flight? LASP holds a special place in my heart for setting me on a path to participate in one of the greatest adventures of our time, human spaceflight. LASP is a unique place in the world of science where opportunities abound, where students are able to participate, first-hand, in some of the most exciting space research available anywhere. My time at LASP was filled with exciting research, lifelong friends, caring mentors, and strong connections to other opportunities when I left.

I hope to share with you my journey to LASP, my experiences there, what it was like to spend 26 days in space during two space flights, and…beyond.

Durrance_thumbDownload flyer (532 KB PDF)