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A unique journey to Mars: The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM)

Published on February 8, 2021

Speaker:Panel of EMM team members: Pete Withnell, Mike Chaffin, Mohsen Al Awadhi and Heather Reed
Date:Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021
Location:Zoom (Access video of this past lecture form this lecture's webpage. Click title above.)

Seminar Abstract:

Video of Zoom Webinar:  To come

The Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Hope spacecraft successfully entered orbit around Mars on February 9th, seven months after launch. This accomplishment makes the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the fifth nation to successfully reach Mars. The achievement required an extraordinary international collaboration between the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and US academic research institutions including LASP, Arizona State University and UC Berkeley. Unique to the effort were the technical and programmatic approaches the team adopted to turn science concept into reality including the development of a complete spacecraft and several new scientific instruments that will observe the atmosphere of Mars. Hope will spend two years (one Martian year) orbiting the red planet gathering crucial science data on its weather and climate systems.