Solar and Stellar Graduate Research Assistant

The ultraviolet astrophysics group at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics is recruiting a Masters student in the fields of EE, ECE, or CS to lead the interfacing effort between the spacecraft bus systems and the attitude control for a spaceflight instrument program. The successful applicant will work under the mentorship of our professional software and electrical engineering team, but will have ownership of their project and an independent role and responsibility. Applicants must have a least one year of availability before graduation and 20 hours of average available time per week, plus full time in the summer. Compensation will be in the form of full Tuition plus a graduate level stipend. Interested applicants should contact Professor Brian Fleming at

Required Education/Experience/Skills:

An EE, ECE, or SC masters student

Desired Qualifications:

Experience with FPGAs, circuit debugging, and hardware scripting is desired.