SDO/EVE Rocket Payload Arrives at WSMR

Published on May 4, 2016

May 2:   The NASA 36.318 rocket payload (SDO EVE calibration rocket experiment) made it to WSMR today and will begin integration tomorrow.  It was a wintry mix of snow and rain while packing up the rocket payload and rocket lab supplies on last Friday and the drive down on Sunday, but everything and everybody arrived safely down to New Mexico OK.  This Colorado winter doesn’t seem to have an end to it, so we’re glad to have the dry, warm weather down here in Las Cruces. The launch is currently planned for May 25 at 1 PM MDT, but there is potential to slip this rocket launch to June if the MinXSS CubeSat deployment from ISS happens as currently scheduled for May 16-18 due to having most of the LASP rocket team being also the commissioning team for MinXSS.  A decision if the rocket launch might slip will be made by May 18.

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