Science Seminars

1/14/2016- Deanne Rogers; Understanding Early Martian Surface Processes and Environments through Visible and Infrared Mapping of the Ancient Highlands

Speaker: A. Deanne Rogers (Stony Brook Univ.)
Date: Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC W120

Seminar Abstract:

An important aspect of community-wide efforts to understand the geologic and climatic history of early Mars is to constrain the style(s) and timing of resurfacing events in the Noachian. The cratered plains of the ancient highlands exhibit diversity in compositional and thermophysical properties, providing some constraints on the resurfacing history and thus the processes and environments that were present on early Mars. From >5 years of compositional and thermophysical mapping carried out over regions of interest at the subkilometer scale, we have documented the characteristics, spatial distribution and context of a class of basin-filling surface units that exhibit relatively high thermal inertia and resistant morphologies compared to surrounding lower-TI materials. Common in the ancient highlands and not evident in pre-Mars Odyssey data sets, these rock-dominated surface units record evidence of both volcanic and sedimentary resurfacing processes. I will discuss some of the major findings from these efforts and the possible implications.