Science Seminars

4/28/2016 – Stuart Robbins; Binary Topics for a Binary System: Why Craters Matter in the Pluto-Charon System, and Creating Visuals for Public Outreach for the New Horizons Flyby

Speaker: Stuart Robbins (SwRI)
Date: Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC N100

Seminar Abstract:

NASA’s New Horizons mission to the Pluto-Charon system has returned a wealth of data about these objects currently 33 AU from the sun.  Among those data are information about impact craters on four of these bodies.  Impact craters offer a glimpse into many exogenic and endogenic processes that have informed and are informing the science return from this mission, including model surface ages, the impactor population at diameters unobservable from Earth, and target properties.  The craters have also revealed information about the near-surface, showing potential compositional differences and layering, and I will discuss several of these findings in this talk.  I will also address some of the efforts by science team members to produce material geared towards public consumption, focusing on 3D renderings and animations as well as color processing (for New Horizons does not possess a “green” filter).