Science Seminars

9/20/2016 – Michael VanWoerkom; ExoTerra Interplanetary CubeSats

Speaker: Michael VanWoerkom (ExoTerra Corp)
Date: Sunday, Sep 20, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: SPSC W120

Seminar Abstract:

ExoTerra is a Colorado small business founded by former Lockheed spacecraft engineers in 2011 and focused on innovative microsatellites for space exploration.  Our Electrically Propelled Interplanetary CubeSat (EPIC) bus has a 6U and 12 U variant that allows 1-5 km/s of delta-V.  This enables CubeSat missions throughout the inner solar system – including the Moon, LaGrange points, Venus, Mars and NEAs.  Our ESPA class Sol Rider provides up to 10 km/s of delta-V and is capable of missions as far out as Jupiter and its moons.

ExoTerra’s bus designs were originally developed under NASA SBIRs.  They leverage key ExoTerra technologies such as our micro hall effect thruster and 300 W solar arrays to deliver the high delta V.  Once at the destination, the power can be used for sensors and telecommunications systems.  The solar arrays and thruster are currently funded to begin qualification testing early next year.