Science Seminars

2/02/2017 – Li-Wei Hung; Protecting the Night Skies at Our National Parks

Speaker: Li-Wei Hung (National Park Service)
Date: Wednesday, Feb 02, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC N100

Seminar Abstract:

The dark night sky is a characteristic of wilderness and is important to many parks as a natural, cultural, educational, and economic resources. Sky glow degrades the character of the night sky and especially the scenic quality of the horizon. Bright light domes can significantly alter nocturnal luminous environments even when they do not extend high into the sky. Accordingly, National Park Service created an all-sky measurement system to address these concerns. We developed a camera system to create image mosaics of the entire night sky. These data are processed to remove natural sources of light; the residual light is pollution. To enhance accuracy, the imaging system, calibration process, and model of natural sky brightness have be shaped to produce accurately results across the diverse nightscapes of the National Park System.