Science Seminars

STEVE… A New (to Science) Optical Signature of a Magnetospheric Process

Speaker: Eric Donovan (University of Calgary)
Date: Thursday, Nov 15, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC W120

Seminar Abstract:

Over the last two years, researchers at the University of Calgary, Goddard, Berkeley, and Boston University have teamed up with a group called the Alberta Aurora Chasers to explore a type of aurora or airglow that appears as a narrow (north-south) many-thousdands-of-kilometer (east-west) mauve colored arc. This arc, affectionately called Steve by the Aurora Chasers, is clearly associated with fast azimuthal flows in the inner magnetosphere. In this talk, I will give an overview of the phenomenon, and talk about our recent efforts to use “citizen sensors” to capture a spectrum of the associated emissions.