Science Seminars

Insights from Dawn into Ceres’ Mysterious Exosphere

Speaker: Margaret Landis (CU/LASP)
Date: Thursday, Sep 26, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC W120

Seminar Abstract:

Before the Dawn spacecraft’s arrival at Ceres in 2015, previous geophysical and telescopic studies suggested the dwarf planet was rich in water ice and emitted water vapor in a just-at-the-detection-limit exosphere. During Dawn’s operations at Ceres, which concluded late last year, a wealth of additional data was collected that provides significant constraints on the quantity and frequency of water vapor release from Ceres’ near sub-surface. This talk will summarize data-driven modeling efforts to understand how much water-ice-driven activity could have occurred on Ceres in the recent past, and what that implies for the long-term geophysical history of the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system.