Science Seminars

The Starchive: An Open Access, Open Source Stellar Database and Web App

Speaker: Angelle Tanner (Mississippi State University)
Date: Thursday, Sep 19, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: SPSC W120A

Seminar Abstract:

The Starchive ( is an open access, open source stellar database and web application. Currently, the database contains all stars within 30pc, all known brown dwarfs and white dwarfs, stars with planets and circumstellar disks and stars in young stellar associations. The web app allows users to search the database using coordinates, names or an ADS reference code. If users search for information on a single star, the result page contains all published measurements and derived physical parameters on that star, a Vizier image as well as any available high contrast images. If the star is in a multiple system, there is a hierarchical tree with live links to the other members of the system. If available, users will have access to wavelength calibrated spectra and time series of that star all in one location. If a user submits a list of stars or utilizes the rank list search option, the web app provides a dynamic table of multiple stars with links to each individual star page. Directly from the multi-star web page application users will be able to use adaptable plotting tools to visualize the resulting data set. Registered users will be able to upload data into the database. To ensure the fidelity of the data, we will regulate and validate any uploaded data sets. There will be an API available for users to access the database directly from their own code.