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GOLD launch party

Published on January 10, 2018

GOLD launch party
Date: Thursday, Jan 25, 2018
Time:2:45 - 4:30 PM
Location:LASP Space Technology Building
Rm 299
1234 Innovation Drive

Seminar Abstract:

Join us at LASP, where the GOLD instrument was designed and built, as we celebrate the launch of the Ariane 5 rocket and the SES 14 satellite that will carry GOLD onboard for its science mission. GOLD (for Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk) is the first NASA science mission to fly as a hosted payload on a commercial communications satellite. GOLD is scheduled to launch at 3:20 p.m. MST from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana.

Prior to launch, we’ll hear from mission scientists and engineers, who will provide commentary and background information about the mission. We’ll stream the NASA TV feed and witness the exciting moment of liftoff; the launch window closes at 4:05 p.m. MST on January 25.

GOLD is an ultraviolet imaging spectrograph that is designed to measure densities and temperatures in Earth’s thermosphere and ionosphere, with a goal of determining the global-scale response of the thermosphere and ionosphere to forcing effects from above (from the Sun) and below (from the Earth’s lower atmosphere).

The measurements from GOLD will be used, in conjunction with advanced models of the thermosphere and ionosphere, to revolutionize our understanding of the space environment.