Public Lectures 2008-2009

Lectures are the first Wednesday of every month in Auditorium 299 at 7:30 pm. Doors open at 7 pm.

Parking and admission are free and open to the public.

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When available, the following presentations can be watched by clicking on the embedded image/video on this page.

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Oct. 7 – Dr. Mindi Searls – The Phoenix Lander Dishes Dirt on Mars: Discoveries from this long-awaited mission

Nov. 4 – Dr. Michael King – NASA’s Earth Observations of the Global Environment: Our changing planet and the view from space

Dec. 2 – Dr. Nick Schneider, LASP – Disappearing Atmospheres: When bad things happen to good planets

Feb. 3 – Dr. Sean Raymond, CASA – Searching for Earth-like Planets Among the Stars

Mar. 3 – Dr. Margit Haberreiter, LASP – Changing Solar Energy Output. Does it affect us?

Apr. 7 – Dr. Xinlin Li – THEMIS, NASA’s First Five Spacecraft Constellation Mission

May. 5 – Dr. Frank Eparvier – Space Weather: What is it and how vulnerable are we?

June 2 – Dr. Nicole Albers – Saturn’s Rings through the Eyes of the Cassini Spacecraft