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Solar System

LASP has sent missions to every planet in the solar system, including Pluto. Please consider joining us with your support! (Courtesy NASA-JPL)

How would you like to send a rocket to the outer stratosphere? Build a space-based instrument that will send back key science data? Teach a student to operate a spacecraft orbiting another planet?

LASP invites you to join us in furthering space research! LASP enjoys international regard in the field of space science and has sent missions to every planet in the solar system, plus Pluto. Your donation will support students, engineers, and researchers in learning about our home planet and beyond.

We welcome your support!

A Director’s Endowed Chair in Space Sciences secures the necessary foundation for LASP’s role as a broad-reaching, visionary contributor in identifying innovative space research opportunities that support our scientific, technical and educational endeavors. The Director ensures LASP is prominently recognized and supported. Endowed Chairs in LASP divisions free up resources in order to create opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, engineers, and other professors at LASP. Graduate Fellowships help LASP compete with top U.S. universities to attract the best students to collaborate with professors and senior staff on research and missions. Research Support helps LASP engineers and scientists continue making scientific breakthroughs in space exploration and solar physics. Undergraduate scholarships enable more students to pursue a hands-on education in mission operations and space research.

Donate to LASP for our general fund or a designated fund:

LASP General Gift Fund
Your donation helps support our exciting work at LASP. Our scientists research the Sun, Earth, planets, planetary moons, atmospheric levels, and our solar system. Engineers craft instruments and spacecraft. Mission Operations track spacecraft missions in orbit. Data Systems collects and manipulates data from instruments.

Charles A. Barth Scholarship in Space Research

Your donation helps support CU-Boulder’s best senior students, encouraging them as they work at LASP and pursue space research.

Donate to this Scholarship

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John T. Gosling Endowed Fellowship Fund

Your donation helps support student fellowships for graduate or undergraduate students in the areas of solar-terrestrial physics and/or space plasma physics, including the study of the solar wind, the Sun-Earth connection, and the solar wind’s interaction with the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Donate to the John T. Gosling Endowed Fellowship Fund

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