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Proposal Development Committee

New Horizons at Pluto

The Student Dust Counter, flying aboard NASA New Horizons, began a new era of LASP expertise in dust detection. The instrument’s technology got its start with internal funding allocated by the PDC. (Courtesy JHU APL/SwRI)

The Proposal Development Committee (PDC) provides guidance for the review and development of instrument and operations proposals for major new business opportunities. The PDC strives to assure that LASP project proposals are appropriate for the direction of the laboratory’s individual science disciplines and the laboratory as a whole, are supported appropriately by the LASP technical divisions, and are structured to be successful in proposal and implementation.

The PDC also allocates internal funding for exploratory work, based on an annual LASP Internal Research and Development (IRD) proposal call. IRD-supported technologies have been important test grounds for developing new areas of LASP expertise.

PDC membership includes:

  • Tom Woods (Chair)
  • Dan Baker
  • Rachel Booth
  • Mat DeNeen
  • Ginger Drake
  • Nic Ferrington
  • Matt Groeninger
  • Dave Harber
  • Vaughn Hoxie
  • Bruce Jakosky
  • Edgar Johansson
  • Greg Kopp
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Cara Little
  • David Malaspina
  • Bill McClintock
  • John Padgett
  • Chris Pankratz
  • Erik Richard
  • Sean Ryan
  • Randy Siders
  • Tom Sparn
  • Zoltan Sternovsky
  • Gail Tate
  • Scott Tucker
  • Neil White