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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Data and HAM Radio

Science Data

CSIM Version 1 data is now available.

See release notes for more information.

Data products:

Level 3 photodiode data

Level 3 ESR data

The following reader is available for the data files above:

The data will also be available interactively on LISIRD by the end of March 2020. A direct link to the CSIM data will be posted here when they are available.


Housekeeping data from CSIM is transmitted via the UHF radio every 16 seconds. This beacon has been tracked by amateur radio stations worldwide. The map below shows the geographic location of CSIM when each beacon was received by an amateur radio station with a blue dot:

Map of CSIM Location for Downlinks

The Satnogs Open Source global network of satellite ground-stations has been receiving the CSIM beacon for the duration of the mission. They have also created a dashboard that displays and plots the CSIM telemetry data.

The software to decode realtime CSIM telemetry is publicly available for Windows and Mac and is open source so that the code can be run in Python on any platform (macOS, Windows, Linux). You can get it here.

If you have decoded data, or any interesting information, from the CSIM UHF beacon please send along to Dave Harber,, thanks!